When (and why) we are on air

We broadcast at 92.9 FM Mondays midnight - Wednesdays noon.  So many Low Power FM (LPFM) applicants applied for licensing in the 2013 application window that few to no groups applying in major urban areas ended up with a 24/7 license.  There were 8 groups in Philadelphia who applied for this channel; 4 ended up with nothing at all and we are happy to have worked with our timeshare parters in the Germantown section of the city to get any time at all.  We were South Philly's only applicant.


Midnight - 9am Currently we are broadcasting a mixture of old and rare pop, folk, rock, reggae, blues, jazz, country and all other conceivable musical genres (choubi! luk thung! chicha!)  in dozens of languages from every inhabited continent on the planet.  As we work toward our full 60 hour schedule this will be the freest of freeform radio.  We defeat Shazam on a regular basis.

We are also making time for interviews with local residents doing interesting things in the areas of politics, community activism, business, the arts etc.  In our short time thus far our most ambitious venture was interviewing as many of the numerous candidates for the 5th District PA congressional primary as we could.

9am - 10am Dummyload - Community announcements, news and views hosted by station manager Chris Randolph 

10am -12pm - Filitalia International & Foundation - Italian and Italian-American music, history, language culture and more, hosted by Michael Bonasera and/or Marco Circelli

12pm - 2pm Currently reserved for the Indonesian community of South Philly, lately we've been filling the space with Indonesian folk, pop and rock sounds as they get organized.  Gamelan, anyone?

2pm - 4pm Bhutanese-American Organization - Philadelphia - News, views, community announcements and music for the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese-American refugee community, hosted by Tilo Chan Bastola

4pm - 8pm  Currently reserved for South Philly's sizable Mexican community; in the meantime we're playing some nice corridos, Mexican pop and the like but it's been tilting freeform

8pm - 10 pm - rebroadcast of Bhutanese-American Organization - Philadelphia

Overnight - freeform as per above


8:30am - 9am - Community announcements - get yours broadcast by shooting us an email at community [at] or use the contact form on our Home page

9am - 10am - Kitty Korner - Pet, mostly cat, welfare programming hosted by TNR volunteers from Stray Cat Relief Fund and other non-profits, underwritten by South Philly's Companion Pet Hospital.

10am - 11am Mums and Mutts - Pet rescue news, views and info hosted by Mums and Mutts founder and director Megan McFarland; also underwritten by our friends at Companion Pet Hospital

12pm - 2pm - reserved for Indonesian community

2pm - 4pm - new show from Bhutanese-American Organization - Philadelphia

4pm - 8pm - reserved for Mexican community

8pm - 10pm - rebroadcast of Tuesday Bhutanese show

Overnight - another wild ride of freeform bliss


8:30 am - 9am Community announcements - get yours broadcast by shooting us an email at community [at] or use the contact form on our Home page

9am - 10am - Labor Notes - labor news and views hosted by Richard Hooker Jr. and folks from Teamsters Local 623  / 623 Lives Matter

10am - 11am - Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign - hosted by Cheri Honkala and/or Galen Tyler

11am - 11:59am - Dummyload - community announcements, news and views from a by this point of the week exhausted station manager

Noon and beyond - Check out the programming offerings from our timeshare partners G-Town Radio and others on 92.9 FM