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Welcome to South Philadelphia Community Radio

We're an eclectic Low Power FM radio station serving the city and some surrounding communities.  Programming is largely in English but with important blocks of Bahasa Indonesia, Nepali, Mexican Spanish and other languages.  We are in a timeshare arrangement with three stations operating out of the Germantown section of the city, and broadcast 60 consecutive hours beginning midnight every Monday.

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The History of Our Station

... is a long and sordid tale spanning 5 years.  Click this link to listen to a  1 hour 45 minute interview by Dr. Margaret J King from the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis of station founder Chris Randolph.  This explains all in excruciating detail.  Ignore the Google Drive message about the file being too large to scan; it's an mp3, & perfectly safe to play in your browser or download.

Archived Interviews

Enjoy!  Some files owing to size were easier to host off-site.  Please let us know about any dead links.  These include:

- Jon Geeting from Philadelphia 3.0, discussing the Kenney Administration's change to block party application procedure with troubling results, with additional review of shake ups within the city's Democratic Party at ward level

- Local author Josephine B. Pasquarello, on her book Love & Loyalty, an account of Italian-American life in South Philly

-  Dr. Sharon McConnell-Sidorick, local scholar and author of Silk Stockings & Socialism: Philadelphia's Radical Hosiery Workers from the Jazz Age to the New Deal

- Dr. Beth Bukowski, a practicing vet at Companion Pet Hospital, reviewing some warning signs for pet owners to keep an eye out for

- Fumo Family Branch of the Free Library's Abbe Klebanoff, telling us of some of the many summer activities they'll host for kids & adults

- Jamie O'Boyle Senior Analyst of South Philly's own think tank, the Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis

- Karen O'Rourke of Stray Cat Relief Fund regarding the TNR and other efforts for the cat colony at Piers 64-80

- 2018 PA 5th District Democratic primary candidate Lindy Li

- 2018 PA 5th District Democratic primary candidate Molly Sheehan

- 2018 PA 5th District Democratic primary candidate Larry Arata

- 2018 PA 5th District Democratic primary candidate Rich Lazer

- Susan McAninley of the Pier 53 Philadelphia immigration project -  this was the first thing we ever recorded using the studio equipment, and poorly, Chris' voice has some Charlie Brown's teacher-style distortion in this file although it sounded normal live going out to listeners


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